The Project

This project included the construction of a new parking lot for Good Foods Co-Op located on Southland Drive. The environmentally conscious parking lot concept, featuring 2,075 square yards of permeable pavers and two landscaped bio filtration swales, was designed to allow for more efficient – and less polluted – stormwater drainage from the grocery store’s parking lot. The permeable pavers used for the parking lot consisted of an aggregate base and subbase that filters contaminants and automotive pollutants out of stormwater before allowing it to flow back into the ground. This process reduces flooding and runoff before it is discharged into the nearby Wolf Creek Watershed. The bio filtration swales were also designed to infiltrate, detain and treat polluted storm run-off from adjacent surfaces, such as parking spaces, using native plant species and a custom soil mix placed over crushed stone to slow, cool and clean run-off. The project was funded in part by Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government’s Water Quality Management Fee and the Stormwater Quality Projects Incentive Grant Program.


Lexington, KY


Element Design


Sanford Levy


Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government 2016 Environmental Commission Award Winner


project cost

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