The Project

The project scope included a project with two site areas that were constructed simultaneously:

Area 1 was a renovation of the Band Choral Suite, Gymnasium Restrooms, 2-Agricultural Classrooms and an Agricultural Shop Area. Work primarily consisted of demolition and abatement work to allow for new construction for new masonry walls, acoustical ceilings, varied flooring finishes, new mechanical roof top systems, new electrical upgrades, new plumbing and fixtures in the restroom, and other related items. Additionally, this portion of the work included a re-roof of a nearby mechanical building and re-work of a maintenance yard paving and dumpster area.

Area 2 was the construction of a new stand-alone Field House near the existing Athletic Complex. Roofing and ceiling components included a new lightweight insulating concrete with 2-ply SBS roofing systems and a new standing seam metal roof over metal joist and deck systems with a combination of exposed, ceiling grid and spray-in ceilings. Walls primarily included masonry load-bearing, cavity walls utilizing spray foam insulation for the exterior and CMU partitions for the interior. The foundation and slab system consisted of a concrete stem wall foundation with slab-on-grade floors having a variety of quartz flooring, VCT and painted concrete finishes. Mechanical systems were roof top packages with duct work distribution systems. Electrical components included new electrical service and outlets while the communication/technology service is primarily wireless for the facility. Plumbing included all associated restroom and shower fixtures and lines which required a new lift station and the ability to tie back to an existing lift station site. Parking and grading operations smoothed out a general area for modest practice conditions.


Cynthiana, KY


RossTarrant Architects


David Case, Harrison County Board of Education


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