The Project

The Powell County High School project consisted of addition and renovation components affecting nearly every facet of the school’s campus.  The school addition work involved approximately 13,500 square feet of additional space including 6 classrooms, 1 band choral suite, and a public restroom.  The renovation work included converting 12 existing classrooms into 9 classrooms and 1 computer classroom.  The new building structures primarily consisted of concrete footers with stem wall foundations with slab-on-grade concrete slabs.  Wall construction consisted of load bearing CMU walls with a thermal spray-foam insulated cavity wall system and brick façade on the exterior walls.  A 2-ply modified SBS roof membrane system was installed over a lightweight insulating concrete, metal deck system over steel metal joists.  The interior partition walls were comprised of a mix of CMU walls and metal stud/gypsum board assemblies.  All interiors were fully finished with paint, tile flooring systems, and a mix of 2×4 ceiling tile/grid and gypsum soffit systems.  The mechanical systems were roof top package systems providing individual controls for the classrooms.  Electrical, data and communication systems were also included in the construction as was a fire alarm and suppression systems.  Additionally, an internal courtyard with pavers and low-maintenance landscaping was also included to provide a refuge for both students and faculty.


Stanton, KY


RossTarrant Architects, Inc.


Powell County Board of Education


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